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Titan Athletics

Warren Woods Tower High School


Titan Athletics

Warren Woods Tower High School

Titan Athletics

Warren Woods Tower High School



First Base- the first of the four stations that must be reached in turn to score a run.

First Baseman- the person whose position on first base. 

Second Base- The base across the diamond from home plate, to be touched second by a runner.

Second Baseman- The infielder who is positioned near and to the first-base side of second base.

Third Base- The third of the bases on the diamond counterclockwise from home plate; the last base to be reached by a  runner.

Three Baseman- The infielder stationed near third base.

Catcher- a fielder who stands behind home plate and catches pitched balls not hit by the batter.

Outfielder- A player who defends left, center, or right field.

Foul Ball- A batted ball that touches the ground outside of fair territory.                                                        Homerun- a hit that enables the batter to run round all four bases, usually by hitting the ball out of the playing area.

Basehit-  by which the batter reaches base safely without incurring an error, fielder's choice, or force play.