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Titan Athletics

Warren Woods Tower High School


Titan Athletics

Warren Woods Tower High School

Titan Athletics

Warren Woods Tower High School

Titan Athletics

Warren Woods Tower High School

Featured Athletes

2.0 years ago

Xzayvion Allen

Hi everyone I'm CJ Kyles interviewing senior shooting guard Xzayvion Allen. 

CJ: Who is a teammate that inspires you and keeps you motivated?

Zay: I'd say Antuan Marsh, because of the way he leads and how he explains everything especially the drills.


CJ: What was the most exciting moment from this season?

Zay: The home game against Saint Clair. The team pulled together a good win against a great school with good players and tough refs. 


CJ: Who is a professional athlete that inspires you or you look up to and why?

Zay: Kobe Bryant because of the way he leads and how honest and humble he was. It didn't matter how many points he scored he always left the court proud of how he played.


CJ: Do you have a certain pre-game ritual or routine?

Zay: I like to listen to Chief Keef- Love Sosa, music gets my mind right, it helps me with my warm-up and basically determines the way I play in a game. 



2.0 years ago

Angel Shikwana

Josh: Which teammate had a great impact on you this season?

Angel: Mackenzie Syrocki made the biggest impact on me this past season. We mentally and physically pushed each other to play at the best level for ourselves and for the team. She always had a positive attitude and cheered me up. 

Josh: What was your favorite moment from this season?

Angel: My favorite moment from my senior season was winning first place in our summer tournament. We all wanted that trophy so bad and we are the first WWT team to win our at home tournament.

Josh: What is your pre-game ritual?

Angel: I usually sit alone in the locker room for about 5 minutes to collect my thoughts. I also have lucky socks that I need to wear every single game.



2.0 years ago

Kenneth McKissic

Josh: What was a freshman that made an impact last season 

Kenny: as if right now I can't think of any freshmen right now that made an impact 

Josh: What was your favorite moment this season

Kenny: Spending time with my teammates because this is my last year

Josh: What song do you listen to for pre-game

Kenny: Sosa By Chief Keef

Josh: What's your favorite pro athlete or college athlete

Kenny: I will say Tavon Austin I watch his highlights before every game

Josh: What are your future plans

Kenny: To play college football




2.0 years ago

Chris Treppa